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Welcome to my blog!

My name is Brendon Fernandes and I am a Digital Marketing Professional with over 6+ years of experience in the field of Digital Marketing. I am currently pursuing my career as an Account Manager at Schbang – a holistic marketing solutions agency in Mumbai, India.

Well, I always had a desire to have a blog to share my personal experiences with the world. And, guess what, I managed to do this in the year 2022 by starting my blog with my name itself Brendon Fernandes.

The reason for me to start this blog in my name Brendon Fernandes was to build my identity digitally and also to let my readers know that my blog hosts personal experiences and not mere generic content.

Brendon Fernandes

Considering my experience in marketing, I decided to share my knowledge and expertise in this field with like-minded people who enjoy such information. Apart from that, since I love food and travel so much, I couldn’t help but also talk about my experience with food and travel on this blog.

Well, if you happen to be a keen reader of the content I write on this blog of mine called Brendon Fernandes, then that is a great privilege for me and I look forward to serving you with more and more freshly brewed content.


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