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About Me

2020 exposed companies to a new direction of marketing and reaching customers, which is through undergoing a huge digitalization process. This led the future on a path of all digital sales, digital events, and digital-only marketing campaigns. And well, that’s clearly what any digital marketing expert in India could vouch for.

Let me introduce you to myself. I’m Brendon Fernandes – a digital marketing enthusiast, with over 5+ years of experience in the industry. Over these years I’ve managed to get hands-on experience in some of the core facets of digital marketing like content strategy, SEO, web design/development, and more. While being an enthusiast, I am also a digital marketing advisor, mentor, and blogger.

My experience in this industry has led me to understand that while there are a lot of brands getting into the online marketing business, there is a fine gap between growth and visibility. As a conclusion to this, I believe that if a brand does not have enough visibility in the digital space, it will never see positive growth. And well, that’s the gap I want to help brands bridge.

My Expertise

Each digital service has its strategic benefits. While some brands need all the online marketing solutions, some may just need a few. As a digital marketing expert in India, here are some of the digital marketing solutions in which I possess a high level of expertise.

Web/App Design And Development

Give your customers a platform to learn about your brand. Exhibit your top products and services, talk about your brand’s vision and create your presence in the digital realm.

Search Engine Optimization

Get visibility, impel potential customers to visit your website organically. Promote positive user experiences and beget long-lasting results in organic sales or lead generation.

Website/Blog Content Strategy

Reach the digital audience with engaging content that is tactically written to ensure the right target audience will connect with your brand through a perfect intent match.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Think ROI. Establish a personal connection with your customers and prospects. Keep them warm and engaged with exclusive content, offers, feedback forms, and more.

My Strategic Approach

Like any digital marketing specialist in India, I too have my own techniques that I follow to craft a customized digital marketing strategy for a brand. Below are some of the ways I believe can add great value to creating a successful digital marketing campaign.

Dissect The Brief

Understanding a client’s requirement is a very crucial aspect of delivering a successful strategy.

Fresh Thinking And Perspective

In an overly cluttered market, it is important to think out of the box, to stand out in the crowd.

Plan Then Execute

Without a proper plan and approach, a strategy is merely meaningless words on a sheet of paper.

Visualize Beyond The Scope

Sometimes operating within a defined scope of work doesn’t help craft the growth of a business.

Know Users Intent

Learning a brand’s user’s intent is what will always help create the right strategy for the right TG.

Set Small Goals, Achieve More

The apex of success is to set small goals to attain. However, ensure to always try and overachieve.

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